Lowest Rates, Best ROI: Choose Bookadsnow for Newspaper Advertising!

  • Ability to carry forward multimedia campaigns: Whether you knew it or not, newspaper advertising has the ability to alter one’s purchase decision in two different listed scenarios. One being when a customer is planning to purchase a product but has not yet thought of purchasing it yet. The other being when a customer gains a brand’s loyalty and continues his purchase from that specific brand itself.
  • Ability to provide more trusted content than social media: There has always been a trust barrier between traditional media sources along with social media. We believe that in a world that’s progressing at such a fast pace, print media seems to be obsolete. However that isn’t so!
  • Ads in black and white offer more credibility- With newspapers being a more credible source of information, being physically in front of your eyes and in your hand first thing in the morning, these advertisements deemed to be ‘hard news’ offers a more active advertising response. While social media does enhance the credibility of any advertisement, newspaper ads also do add a cherry to the top.
  • Print media ads and social media ads are correlated- Yes, you heard us right. While digital media ads tend to attract less eyes than print media, newspapers also do have their own dedicated websites for people who are always on the go. Believe it or not, people often pick up the ame newspaper every single morning for one single reason- credibility. This is where newspaper brands play an important role.
  • Enhance the ROI of multimedia plans- It’s often believed that newspaper advertisements do deliver reach that’s comparable to any other social media platform such as Facebook or Google. These can deliver huge reach keeping in mind the demographics that boosts ROI through popular newspaper brands along with the help of online media, boosting newspaper advertisement’s ROI by five times.



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Bookadsnow — Book Newspaper Ads, TV Ads & Magazine

Bookadsnow — Book Newspaper Ads, TV Ads & Magazine

Bookadsnow brings the opportunity of booking newspaper ads online from the comfort of your home or office. Visit @ https://www.bookadsnow.com